Breed Standart



Classification of the international kynologischen umbrella organisation FCI
Society dogs and accompanying dogs (group 9),
English society spaniels (section 7).
[After the FCI standard No. 136 / 4/6/1998]


General appearance:
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is weighed out an active dog, gracefully, with gentle expression. Way work: The motion sequence is free and elegant, with a lot of push from the Hinterhand. Looked from the front or behind, the front runs and hind legs move in parallel to each other. Size and weight: The dog mostly misses between 25 and 34 cm, the bitch between 25 and 32 cm. The weight sways between 12 and 18 English pounds (i.e. between 5.5 and 8 kg).


Between the ears the cranial cover is almost level. The length of the catch, from the stop beginning up to the nasal point, amounts to about 1 1/2 Inch (3.8 cm). The nose is black, well developed, without meat-coloured marks. The catch becomes rejuvenated. The Lefzen are well developed without hanging. The lower ocular part should be well filled. A weak sharp catch is undesirable, in any case. The eyes are big, dark and round, however, not protrudingly; they stand with good distance of each other. The ears are high attached and long, with plentiful Befederung. The pine are strong with a perfect scissors set of teeth and the upper incisor row reaches without space about the lower one. The teeth stand vertically in the jaw.


moderately long neck, easily crooked.


Forehand: The shoulders well date back, the runs are just.
Body: moderately developed breast, well arched ribs, straight backs.
Hinterhand: well placed knee joints: no inclination to Kuhhessigkeit or Überwinkelung.
Paws: compactly, upholstered and well befedert.
Rod: Is in the harmony with the building to carry well set, jocularly, but never clearly about the back line.
Coat of hair: long, silky and without locks, however, with luxuriant Befederung. A light Wellung is permitted.


Colour beating:
Black and Tan: Pitch-black with lohfarbenen badges over the eyes, in the cheeks, in the inside of the ears, in the breast, in the runs and at the underside of the rod. The Lohfarbe it should be luminous. White spots are undesirable.
Ruby: plain deep-red. White spots are undesirable.
Home Blen: Well discontinuous intensely chestnut-red badges on pearly white basic colour. Badge in the head distributes regularly with enough space for the very respected "Lozenge spots", a unique sign of this race, an about-one-euro deep-red mark.
Tricolour: Well distributed and well discontinuous Black-and-white with lohfarbenen badges over the eyes, in the cheeks, in the inside of the ears, in the inside of the runs and at the underside of the rod.


Character, abilities:
The Cavalier King Charles is the society dog par excellence. On tense people he has even a reassuring effect. He adapts himself to every life style and has turned out the ideal child friend as well as good companion for older people. Even sportily eager people can make friends with him because he is active – in contrast to that what is maintained in general – with pleasure outdoors. His enterprise desire will surprise quite a lot of one: The Cavalier has already proved his astonishing Agility abilities.CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL


The Cavalier is very pleasant in dealing with other dogs, friendly and not cantankerous. Briefly, he is a small, uncomplicated dog whose success is well understandable in Europe and in the world for some years. To the town life he easily adapts himself. Nevertheless, one should take for a walk him daily to guarantee his balance. In 2004/2005 club has carried out of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a big study to grasp the state of health and the life expectancy of the race. Thanks to the cooperation with the department for clinical epidemiology of the veterinarian school of the university of Purdue (USA) 566 Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels have taken part in this study. The result showed that the race disposes of a good robustness and becomes on an average 10.7 years old (with variations of about 2.9years).