Angies Cavalier Stud Dogs


After consultation if you want - i will come with your selected stud dog in your home.


To experience more over my stud dogs you have the possibility to look at her Healthing Tests, Pedigrees, Offsprings and her Show Results. My stud dogs are all testet of "Episodic Falling" and "Curly Coat Dry Eye Syndrom"


If you want to contact me, please use the printed form or call me


"Top Fantasie of An Excellent Choise" 5-facher Juniorchampion,  Deutscher Jugendchampion, Jugendchampion of Republik of Bulgaria, Jugendchampion of Moldavia, Jugendchampion of Georgia, Jugendchampion of Cyprus.                12-facher Champion "Here is Gucci vom Palais Minucci"   Bester Black&Tan ICC 2010, Deutscher Jugend Champion ICC, VDH Champion 2010,  Deutscher Champion ICC 2010,  Luxemburg Champion 2010, Luxemburg Champion 2011, Champion of Romania, Champion of Republik of Bulgaria, Grand Champion of Republik of Bulgaria, Champion Zypern, Champion of Georgia, Champion of Moldavia, 

Multiple-Champion, prospective Intern. Champion

Here is Gucci vom Palais Minucci

(from German lines)



Top Fantasy of An Excellent Choise

(from Dutch / English lines)  



Sweiga`s Fynn

 (from Finnish / to Australian lines)